The template is probably the most important part of this whole process. It is going to be in this stage that all the details of the job will be discussed between the customer and the installer. Details such as seams, overhangs, corners radios, fixtures, stove, sinks and a lot more. There is no turning back with stone, once you cut it, that is it. That is one of the reasons that after the template is taken nothing can be moved around, if one cabinet has to be changed or moved from its original place, a new template has to be done after that. It may not look like but one inch can be crucial. Well, because the template is so important, is very important for the customer to be there at the time. Get done right ate the first time!!

In this step, the customer have to go the store yard to pick up the color and style they want. At North Lion we stock over 70 differents types of Granite and Marble to choose. The customers will be able to pick the actual slabs that will used for their projects. Some places do not have the material to show, only samples, meaning that the clients can not see the slabs that will be cut and installed in their house. It does not happen here. After they pick the slabs we tag and put them on the side in case the cabinets are not ready yet, otherwise it will be cut soon. In most cases we give the customer a small sample piece of the slab, it can help picking up other stuff like paint, flooring, fixtures and more.

This is the first step to get your new countertop. The measument of the area can be done by the sales representative at the job site, can be done by a take off of the blue prints of the house or the cabinets layout or it can be done by the customer and brought to the store to get a ballpark figure of the job size. The measurement is very important because through that we will be able to know how many slabs will be necessary to get the job done. In this beginning stage it will not tell a lot about some details such as overhangs, locations of the seams, if needed, among others because that will be said in another stage called Template. We will talk about it a little later!








Slab selection




The process